Return to Play

Are you recovering from an injury

Return to play is aim at those who are returning from an injury and have been given the all clear from a physio or doctor to start exercises again.

Adam has worked with a range of clients who have been recovering from a range of different injuries and using scientific based research he is able to develop a program that will help you return play.

Adam will look at a number of different aspects to return you to full health:

  • The injury you are recovering from

  • The goals and level of fitness you want to reach once you are pain free

  • Training history

  • Current fitness levels

All of this will be taken in to account when developing your program which will look to return full movement around the affected area as well as the whole body. Health is more important than performance at this stage so we will look to bring you back to full health before worrying about how much you can lift.

What the science says:

  • Restoration of strength is the most vital aspect of returning from an injury.

  • Resistance training is critical to the resolution of impairment and recovery of function.

  • Resistance Training can be prescribed early in the rehabilitation process to:

    • Restore balance

    • Development of stability

    • Redevelopment of neuromuscular control and function

    • Development of strength and endurance.



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If you have recently been given the all clear to start exercises and want to return to full fitness and more then please get in contact.