Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning is the practical application of sport science related research to improve movement quality. It's all based off of evidence based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy. Strength and Conditioning isn’t all about elite athletes performing ridiculously complex exercises like Olympic lifts or repeated plyometric jumps, just to gain that 1% advantage over their competition. That does make up a small part of what a S&C coach does and we do use these tools but there is more to it than that. The main priority for an Strength and Conditioning coach is movement quality, making sure you can move as proficiently as possible. This can help aid performance because it means athletes can get in to better positions to be more powerful, but I can also mean helping people get off the floor in later life. Another priority for a Strength and Conditioning Coach is preventing injury. Developing better movement patterns and increasing the strength of a muscle can help to prevent injuries. As a Strength and Conditioning coach we like to look what you need to be able to do to perform to your best ability, whether it's at work or on the football pitch. This means we will look at the injury risks and develop a program which will hopefully limit the risk of injury. Strength and Conditioning coaches are becoming more common within the general public and I believe this is a good thing because of the many benefits a movement based fitness program can have. Using methods like Plyometrics, Speed, Agility, Weight lifting, Mobility, Core Stability, Endurance training and so many more can help you improve your movement, health and physical performance.

How much does the sessions cost?

There are a few different options to chose from depending on the number of session per week. They average out around £30 per hour, if you decide to pay monthly then you will receive at lot of other perks, including; - Goal Setting - Nutrition Advice - Health Assessment - Movement Analysis - Benchmark Testing - Periodised Programs Not everyone will use all the perks as each program is taylored to the individule.

Where are you located?

I work out of two gyms! UEA Sportspark Norwich NR4 7TJ Move PT Studio 8 Jones (GC) Way Great Yarmouth NR31 0GA Pick the one that is closest to you and thats where we will train.

Do i need to be an athlete to train with Adam Todd

NO, I want to work with anyone and everyone who wants to make a change to their lifestyle. I like to apply my knowledge of Strength and Conditioning to everyone i work with.

How does it work?

* First you get in contact and we set up a conslutation. This give us a chance to get to know each other, the conslutation can take place in person or online. During this meeting we will take about your training history, Injuries, Medical history and Goals. From here will will look to book the first session in. * Depending on the client the first session may vary, but for most this session is used to get an idea of how you move and conduct your self within the gym. Sometimes i will look to take some benchmark measurements. From there i can design a program that suites you and your training goal. * Then the work begins, I will look to progress the program to match your natural progression. Meaning that we wont carry on with an exercises if i feel you are compentent we will progress it to a more complex exercises. Conversly, we wont progress if i feel like you are not ready. * If we have made some benchmark measurements then we will look to retest them regulay so you can see yout progress.