Body Comp

Do you want to change your appearance

Body Comp is aimed at those who would like to change their appearance through physical training and nutrition. Adam offers professional coaching support throughout your whole journey, this will include a program that is specifically designed for you and your goals. You will get Nutritional support and advice so that you know you are making informed choices when it comes to your diet. The training programs will be adjusted and changed depending upon you and your current training goals and your progress throughout the program.


What the science says-

  • A calorie surplus is needed to gain lean muscle mass.

  • A calorie deficit is needed to lose body fat.

  • Lifting weight won’t make you bulky, you need the correct nutrition to put on that much muscle mass. 

  •  Bigger and stronger muscles burn more calories.


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So, if you are looking at dropping some body fat without losing muscles mass or adding size and strength without being bulky then get in contact to find out more information and how we can help.